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The Ocean's Star (Water Brides 2) Releases Soon! What's next!?

It's officially been a year since the release of The Siren's Mistress (Water Brides 1) and now the second book is complete and ready to be published October 16, 2023 after many delays since August (the original release date)! I do apologize for this but I wanted to make sure the best version of the book was being released- meaning fully edited and read over carefully.

Each book can be read as a standalone but I do encourage reading others in the series as characters make guest appearances and more!

I hope everyone who has preordered, supported my books on Patreon, and are fans of my writing enjoys my newest release The Ocean's Star on the 16th! It will also be available to read on Kindle Unlimited alongside the first book for those yet to have read TSM!

Water Brides 3 characters and setting has already been decided and chapters will be posted by the end of this year on my Patreon alongside other books within the universe. Some characters seen in book 1 and 2 will have their own story to tell! I can't wait to delve deeper within the Water Bride series!

You would think Captain Star's problems would never be anything more than finding new land to call her home or keeping her crew members safe but things become much more complicated when two deadly Sirens enter the picture and desire her as their bride. They won't let anything get in their way including shut doors, humans, and beating hearts. Will she escape these two relentless monsters or will she be seduced by the beings in the water who become more beautiful with each passing day? Find out now in this dark and spicy read "The Ocean's Star"!

Release date: October 16th, 2023



The year is also not over for publishing! A Troll's Hunger is releasing December 10th, 2023! It is a BBW monster romance featuring a troll! More information and previews will soon be posted on the blog and my social media! Keep a look out! Preorders are available on Amazon HERE!

Thank you guys for your support & happy readings,

Dolly Nightmare

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