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The Siren's Mistress (Water Brides 1) Releases Soon!

Hello my Nightmare Children,

Ready for a twisted & smutty autumn romance with a Siren? It is almost here! The Siren's Mistress (Water Brides 1) releases September 18th, 2022 on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc! Paperback and Hardcover copies will be made available. As always, I sell larger (6x9) copies on Amazon and smaller copies (5x8) on Barnes & Noble.

Pre-orders are currently found HERE and my next blog post will be releasing the first five chapters for you guys to get a sneak peek into the dark island known as Gimgar and some of their traditions worshiping their Gods (the Sirens).

This novel does complete Mayme and Como's story, but there will be more from the Water Brides series/universe! Please stay tuned for The Ocean's Star (Water Brides 2) which releases August, 17th, 2023!

The Siren's Mistress does have a webtoon adaption found on Webtoon, Tapas, and Globalcomix. If interested in anime/manga/webtoons please check it out here: Episodes 1-4 can be read for free and the next part of episode 5. NSFW parts on my Patreon!

Character art and bios for the novel can be found on my website HERE !

Thank you for reading & I hope you enjoy my darkest release yet,

Dolly 💋

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