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Whispers of Dragons (Taming Beasts 2) releases soon!! Find out more from the series!

Are we ready for the release of Whispers of Dragons (Taming Beasts 2)!? We just have two more weeks to go before it releases on Amazon! This book has seen more than two years worth of writing and editing. Not only that but I also had to push it up another month from its original release date for adding content! Good news for you readers, this book will also be longer than my first!

Thank you to everyone who has preordered a copy and have been fans since the first book! The Taming Beasts series has been my most popular series so far and there are many more novels to come after this, including more from characters seen such as Cell, Fonzell and many more... books I already began writing.

Silence of Dragons (Taming Beasts 3) will continue Orval and Vrai's story and has already started development as well! I plan to be publishing the third book by December 2023/January 2024! Keep an eye out and join my newsletter from the bottom of my website (you will receive previews & more)!

Take a look at the Taming Beasts characters here if you haven't already:

Thank you for reading & happy New Years,

Dolly Nightmare

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