Taming Beasts Characters




Species: Ice Mage 

Vrai is the queen of Oria and wife to King Orval. She is the only bastard children sired by King Amir. For most of her life, she was locked in the tower because of her 'curse' and her troubled past with her father. She is blind since birth and can only see magic and Dragon shifters Dragons.  

Fun fact: She likes fairy tales and good stories and wishes she could read normally.


King  Orval

Species: Fire Dragon

Orval is the King of Oria and is known for his lust for women getting him into trouble. He is hotheaded and known to also be cruel claiming his throne by pure bloodshed.


Fun fact: He likes walking around shirtless and sometimes even nude after shifting.  


General Cell


Species: Water Dragon/Ice Mage

Cell is on King Orval's council as a General and in charge of the Liwolves even having his own 'Liz'.


He fancies women and sleeps around quite a bit. His older brother is Doctor Viggo who he too is half Ice Mage but the only one to which knows this secret is Queen Vrai. 

It also seems he once was in love with the Queen's maid Ava.

viggo do.jpg

Doctor Viggo


Species: Water Dragon/Ice Mage

Viggo is the best doctor in Oria after studying under his father.


He is the older brother of General Cell, and both are close to Ryhs.


He appears to be also strong and the only thing that held him back from becoming a general was his poor sight.  



Species: Fire Dragon? 

Zachariah is one of the oldest men on King Orval's council being around to serve directly under King Diarmind's rule. His exact age is unknown. 

He is good friends with Fonzell even though the two fight.  It isn't just Fonzell, he gets in lots of fights in general, he is always in some way or another looking for trouble. 

In battle, he is always fighting alongside Fonzell no matter what, and together they're brutal. He has also lost his eye to an Ice Mage during the war with Aldis.  

Fun Fact: He loves thunder and lightning.    


Lord Fonzell 

Species: Fire Dragon 

Fonzell is on King Orval's council and also a soldier in Oria and good friends with Zachariah though they tend to get in disagreements. He also is not fond of foreigners and never seems to accept Vrai as their Queen. He also dislikes Cell who is a Water Dragon seeming to almost be obsessed with him. 

Fun fact: Since Fonzell has red hair the Dragon women tend to fawn over him out of all the men on Orval's council- he sometimes even rivals Cell who is a ladies man though he prefers whores. 



Species: Water Dragon

Mira is a chubby woman with a sweet tooth. She was born and raised in Watergrale, a Dragon from a royal line, making her a noblewoman and also a princess.  She was supposed to be a candidate for Queen but she left to find her childhood love, Cell. Things then take a turn for a worse upon her arrival to Oria.


Ex Queen Lilou

Species: Fire Dragon 

Previous Queen of Oria and King Orval's older sister.    She has had her wings torn off by Ryhs and Orval. Her ex-husband King Leroy is presumed dead.  


Emperor Kang

Species: Lung Dragon 

Emperor of the lands of the east.  Little is known about him other than he is coldhearted and powerful leader of his country Heshashina. 



Species: Fire Dragon

Guts is the younger brother of Bones and Vein and is known for making trouble wherever he goes. The three are close, however Guts and Vein have an inseparable bond. He is not shy and very loud with his opinions and thoughts, always one to share even when no one wants to hear what he has to say.



Species: Fire Dragon

Bones is the middle child of the three brothers on the council. He is smart, artistic, and skilled with any kind of weaponry.  Unfortunately he is lazy, so most say his talents are wasted. 

Despite not seeming very close to his younger brother Guts and his older brother Vein, he is highly protective of them and no one dares to harm them (except him of course) and unlike the other two he is quiet and seemingly reserved.