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Dark Taste

A dark fantasy series featuring female leads with diverse body types (mostly focusing on curvy and larger women) mixed with monsters of the night and lots of steam. 

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A Troll's Hunger (Book 1)

Journee is a young woman from a small village and unexpectedly and most unfortunately she finds herself outside past curfew. Frightened and scared she knows time is against her. The sun won't be back for another 24 hours and it is already dusk.


Though the dark isn't what scares her, it is what comes with it. Trolls and other beastly creatures called Night Dwellers. They are just beginning to wake up and prowl. And they are hungry, it has been a long while since they had a human female like her, plump and soft.

She attempts to escape their claws and teeth but she ends up prey for a Troll from the Snowfire Tribe and it is his people who murdered her parents.

Will she be eaten, killed, or spared by the mysterious and bad-tempered Troll? And if he spares her what else does he want from her?


  • Plus Size FL

  • Virgin Fl 

  • Captive/Captor 

  • Found Family 

  • Light BDSM

  • Fated Mates

  • Medieval-Adjacent Settling

  • Epic Storylines With Lots of Characters

  • Warring Tribes

  • Absent Parents/Orphan

  • Monster Romance

  • Forbidden Love (Between races)

  • Humans Can be Evil

  • Fish out of water

  • Alpha hero

  • Knotting 

  • Oblivious to love

  • Emotional scars

  • HEA

Content warnings

  • ​Excplicit Sexual Content

  • Violence, blood, gore, dismemberment

  •  Fatphobia (Comments said to FL, etc)

  • Attempted Rape

  • Fantasy Drug Use

  • Strong Profanity 

  • Death (On Page and Off) 

  • Humiliation Kink (ML bullies Fl)

  • Methods of Torture/Imprisonment

  • Body Shaming/Body Hatred 

  • Verbal Abuse 

  • Elderly Abuse 

  • Cannibalism (Between Species & more)

  • Kidnapping 

  • Stalking 

  • Horror Monsters


The Troll's Feast (Book 2)

Release Date: Fall 2025

​Deja no longer wants to be bound to a coven like her parents were so she breaks her sworn oath to the daemon Gula, King of Gluttony, who shockingly spares her life.

With newfound freedom she makes and sells potions in Troll Valley with goals of wealth and traveling the world. She meets human and Night Dweller friends but for some reason she finds herself drawn to the muscular and large tribesmen with tusks. 

With motions of greed, her friend, Jumoke attempts to kidnap her for his tribe only to lose her to the twin chieftains of the Vonkill in the process, Gotz and Encry. 

Now stuck in the grasp of two murderous and bloodthirsty chiefs she uses her seductive charm in an attempt to break free but little does she know it is only making it worse.

An obsession shortly begins to grow, making the golden haired and eyed Trolls feel things they have never felt in years and it is a deadly thing, love.

Coming Soon!

Down the Helak's Den (Book ??)

Release Date: TBA


Coming Soon!

Characters From the world of 

Dark Taste

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