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Silence of Dragons

(Taming Beasts 3)

Release Date: Fall 2024

Taken from Oria and thrown back into the wintered lands of Yulor, there is an eerie silence of Dragons around her. She yearns to be back in the warm embrace of her King.

Oria may have once been an unkind place to Vrai but it is now her home- it is where love blossomed for the first time in her life and also where fate has led her.  She knows it is where she belongs.  After a surprise attack at the borders of Oria, Queen Vrai is held captive by General Issa, the evil mastermind behind the plan.  

Forced to go back to her icy homeland she is accompanied by her maid Carrie, her children, and many Ice Mage soldiers led by the General. There is no room for escape, they make sure of it. 

Facing new torture by her captors, she has but one goal, to find her way back to Oria. She desperately needs to get herself and her children to safety and find out the truth of what has happened to her husband Orval on the day of her capture. 

Meanwhile, Oria is in chaos, and at the brink of many wars, danger is brewing not only outside the country but also within. Will the Queen and also mother ever find her way back to the throne and when she does will she regain control and exact her revenge?  


Vampires Among Saxons

(Monsters Among Men 2)

Release Date: Winter 2024

New adventures, bloody battles, and steamy passion with a certain Viking wolf await the Saxon born shield maiden but she is ready for them all.


After Ellie has finally accepted Frey and his village, life starts to go well for the new couple. However, enemies begin to gather from all around them, threatening her very existence and her loved ones. They wish to destroy the life she has built among the Norse. 

England, her place of origin, plots war with the Viking village and a man she has forgotten but once betrothed to will stop at nothing to get her back.  

In the very place she calls home, dead men walk again thanks to the mischievous god Loki, whose side is he on or any at all? Meanwhile, other villages begin to close in on them due to broken deals and promises.


Will the two ever overcome their problems and unfought wars, or will this tear them apart?


Delirium Red 

(Dracula Foundation 1)

Release Date: February 2025


loving sea devils ebook.jpg

Loving Sea Devils

(Water Brides 3)

Release Date: Summer 2025

The richest family in the Westlands is experimenting with powerful creatures born from the water and their current trial is with none other than a Sea Devil, a dangerous nocturnal species similar to that of a siren, who they held captive for many years. 

When Emery marries into the well known family she uncovers these monstrosities and is forced to go along with their plans. Her brother in law sends her out on a mission to observe the effects of a certain drug while at sea and not only that but she has to have the Sea Devil by her side and on the boat. 


With nothing but time on her hands she finds herself drawing closer to the test subject, not realizing the dangers of his teeth, claws, and horns. He too feels the same, curious about the human female, allured by her scent- food but something more. 


Tension spirals out of control, hands unable to keep to themselves and when the Sea Devils pack comes looking for him, they attack during a storm causing the boat to become shipwrecked on a black sanded Island.


Now the once noblewoman is stuck and she has not one Sea Devil hot on her trail, but two more. While one is curious the others have different emotions regarding her, they’re all but furious, disliking her kind. Will the trio end up accepting her or will they fight over her?


The Troll's Feast

(Dark Taste 2)

Release Date: Fall 2025

A witch finds herself stuck in the middle of twin hotblooded trolls who refuse to let her go. Things quickly turn steamy.

Deja no longer wants to be bound to a coven like her parents were so she breaks her sworn oath to the daemon Gula, King of Gluttony, who shockingly spares her life.

With newfound freedom she makes and sells potions in Troll Valley with goals of wealth and traveling the world. She meets human and Night Dweller friends but for some reason she finds herself drawn to the muscular and large tribesmen with tusks. 

With motions of greed, her friend, Jumoke attempts to kidnap her for his tribe only to lose her to the twin chieftains of the Vonkill in the process, Gotz and Encry. 

Now stuck in the grasp of two murderous and bloodthirsty chiefs she uses her seductive charm in an attempt to break free but little does she know it is only making it worse.

An obsession shortly begins to grow, making the golden haired and eyed Trolls feel things they have never felt in years and it is a deadly thing, love.


Down the Helak's Den

(Dark Taste ?)

Release Date: TBA



Tears of Dragons

(Taming Beasts ??)

Release Date: TBA


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Mother of Dragons

(Taming Beasts ??)

Release Date: TBA


ebook cover-2.jpg

Bride of The Blue Naga

(Venomous Hearts 1)

Release Date: TBA



Dream Bitten

(Darkest Dreams 1)

Release Date: TBA 


Two Incubus, one troubled teenage girl and a forbidden love. 

Lily Emerson is new to town. She was hoping for your everyday life, but what she got is far from ordinary after arriving at her private school, Crestshire Academy.

She catches the eye of a man who is none other than her teacher. He has one major secret he keeps from all his students and it's not as simple as sleeping with them. That secret is, he's an Incubus, a being who feeds off sexual energy.

The starving Incubus known as Leviticus Cain will do anything to get his hands on Lily, to taste her overflowing amount of energy that he has never saw before in the many years he has been alive but he isn't her only problem.

Valis Emerson, a senior has already set his eyes on her. He too is keeping many secrets and one of them is he is turning into something he truly despises. He is a half-blooded Incubus, and he can't help but hunger for Lily, whom is his cousin. 

Whether it be through visions, dreams, or reality she finds herself drawn to the irresistible figures. Will this attraction turn into something deadly?

Fangs, Tails, And The Damned.jpg

Fangs, Tails, And The Damned

Release Date: TBA (Stories available on Patreon)


A collection of dark and erotic shorts. Summary coming soon!


Fade to Blue

Release Date: TBA


Beauty & The Beast.jpg

Beauty & The Beast

Release Date: TBA




Goblin Heart

Release Date: TBA


Summary coming soon!


A Creature's Comfort

Release Date: TBA 


Summary/cover coming soon!

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