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The Ocean's Star 

(Water Brides 2)

Release Date:  2023

Escaping a land ruled by royalty and terrorized by monsters, Star, the first female captain of her lineage, sets sail with others in the hopes of finding new lands.


Along the way, there are complications other than the lack of drinking water, there are creatures in the water. Ones with the bottom of a fish and the top half of a human. Somehow they’re beautiful despite their teeth, power, and blood lust. 


Unbeknownst to Star, two of these beings better known as Sirens have an obsessive attachment towards her.  What could they possibly want with her- the crude mouthed captain? And what does being their bride entail?

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A Troll's Hunger

(Dark Taste 1)

Release Date: December 10, 2023 (Chapters available on Patreon & Tapas)

Journee is a young woman from a small village and unexpectedly and most unfortunately she finds herself outside past curfew. Frightened and scared she knows time is against her. The sun won't be back for another 24 hours and it is already dusk.  

Though the dark isn't what scares her, it is what comes with it. Trolls and other beastly creatures called Night Dwellers. They are just beginning to wake up and prowl. And they are hungry, it has been a long while since they had a human female like her, plump and soft.

She attempts to escape their claws and teeth but she ends up prey for a Troll from the Snowfire Tribe and it is his people who murdered her parents.

Will she be eaten, killed, or spared by the mysterious and bad-tempered Troll? And if he spares her what else does he want from her?


The Troll's Feast

(Dark Taste 2)

Release Date: TBA



Down the Helak's Den

(Dark Taste ?)

Release Date: TBA



Vampires Among Saxons

(Monsters Among Men 2)

Release Date: TBA

After Ellie has finally accepted Frey and his village, life starts to go well for the new couple. However, enemies begin to gather from all around them, threatening her very existence and her loved ones. They wish to destroy the life she has built among the Norse. 

England, her place of origin, plots war with the Viking village and a man she has forgotten but once betrothed to will stop at nothing to get her back.  

In the very place she calls home, dead men walk again thanks to the mischievous god Loki, whose side is he on or any at all? Meanwhile, other villages begin to close in on them due to broken deals and promises.  

Will the two ever overcome their problems and unfought wars, or will this tear them apart?

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Silence of Dragons

(Taming Beasts 3)

Release Date: TBA



Tears of Dragons

(Taming Beasts ??)

Release Date: TBA



Dream Bitten

(Darkest Dreams 1)

Release Date: TBA (Chapters available on Patreon)


Two Incubus, one troubled teenage girl and a forbidden love. 

Lily Emerson is new to town. She was hoping for your everyday life, but what she got is far from ordinary after arriving at her private school, Crestshire Academy.

She catches the eye of a man who is none other than her teacher. He has one major secret he keeps from all his students and it's not as simple as sleeping with them. That secret is, he's an Incubus, a being who feeds off sexual energy.

The starving Incubus known as Leviticus Cain will do anything to get his hands on Lily, to taste her overflowing amount of energy that he has never saw before in the many years he has been alive but he isn't her only problem.

Valis Emerson, a senior has already set his eyes on her. He too is keeping many secrets and one of them is he is turning into something he truly despises. He is a half-blooded Incubus, and he can't help but hunger for Lily, whom is his cousin. 

Whether it be through visions, dreams, or reality she finds herself drawn to the irresistible figures. Will this attraction turn into something deadly?

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Bride of The Blue Naga

(Venomous Hearts 1)

Release Date: TBA



Delirium Red 

(Dracula Foundation 1)

Release Date: TBA



Fade to Blue

Release Date: TBA

Athena was born into this new world with a fate and destiny, and that was to become something she never imagined, MEAT. 

She is hopeless upon this discovery because since birth she and her friends have been sheltered, fed, and raised only to be slaughtered and used by an alien race come their expiration dates.

Rafe, her seemingly emotionless caretaker and the man who helped to raise her, is her only hope for survival.

Will he help her escape her fate or is he like the rest of his people and only sees her for what is under her skin?

Fangs, Tails, And The Damned.jpg

Fangs, Tails, And The Damned

Release Date: TBA (Stories available on Patreon)


A collection of dark and erotic shorts. Summary coming soon!


Goblin Heart

Release Date: TBA


Summary coming soon!

Beauty & The Beast.jpg

Beauty & The Beast

Release Date: TBA


Summary coming soon!


A Creature's Comfort

Release Date: TBA (Chapters available on Patreon)


Summary/cover coming soon!

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