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Water Brides

Uncover layers of unspeakable horrors with erotic tales of sirens and sea creatures in this dark fantasy series. Find out just how dark the seas are in Water Brides.

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The Siren's Mistress (Book 1) 

Young women of the island of Gimgar have one wish, they long to be the next bride of the sea, an age-old tradition of the village dating back to the first settling. The chosen is to wed a god, a siren.

Being selected is an honor to oneself and family, and when the elders choose Mayme, she is elated she will live amongst the gods by the end of autumn. Mayme couldn’t be luckier, Como her husband to be is beautiful and benevolent, or so he seems.

Grand celebration, festivities… and death follows. Mayme has 91 days before she departs to live her life with Como, days spent courting become dangerous.

Dark secrets are revealed, and the marriage proves perhaps false. Can love be born based on the pretense of lies?


  • Virgin Fl

  • Language Barrier  

  • Marriage Pact

  • Age Gap  

  • Epic Storylines With Lots of Characters 

  • Monster 

  • Curvy FL

  • Magic

  • Sacrifice

  • Cults and Religious Extremists

  • Mysterious Things Are Happening

  • Humans Can be Evil

  • The Other Woman

  • The Misunderstanding

  • Dark Family Secret 

  • Karmic Retribution

  • Twisted HEA 

Content warnings

  • ​Excplicit Sexual Content

  • Occult

  • Violence, blood, gore, dismemberment  

  • Human Sacrifices 

  • Attempted Rape/Noncon 

  • Death /Murder (Detailed-on page.)

  • ML sleeps with someone else (Cheating)

  • Cannibalism (Deatiled on page)

  • Betrayal 

  • Infertility (Lots of mentions between sirens and humans)

  • Hallucinations

  • Slavery

  • Self-harm

  • Miscarriage (Fl) 

  • Fire 

  • Genocide

  • Depression

  • Domestic Violence 

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The Oceans Star (Book 2)

Escaping a land ruled by royalty and terrorized by monsters in the West, Star, the first female captain of her lineage, sets sail with others in the hopes of finding new lands.


Along the way, there are complications other than the lack of drinking water, there are creatures in the water. Ones with the bottom of a fish and the top half of a human. Somehow they’re beautiful despite their teeth, power, and blood lust. 


Unbeknownst to Star, two of these beings better known as Sirens have an obsessive attachment towards her. 


What could they possibly want with her- the crude mouthed captain? And what does being their bride entail?


  • Strong Fl

  • Poly relationship (MFM, MMF, & MM) 

  • Epic Storylines With Lots of Characters 

  • Monster 

  • Magic

  • Mysterious Things Are Happening

  • Traveling Long Distances

  • Paying the Price

  • Enemies to Lovers

  • Jealous / Possessive Hero

  •  Captive

  • Cursed, Damaged Hero / Heroine

  • Outlaws

  • Love Is the Answer

  • Touch Her And You Die

  • Ticking Clock

  • Exotic Locales

  • Stalkers 

  • Light Breeding/Pregnancy 

  • Dark Family Secret

  • Broken in some way

  • Rejected as unworthy by former lovers (Fl)

  • Redemption

  • HEA

Content warnings

  • ​Excplicit Sexual Content

  • Swearing

  • Violence, blood, gore, dismemberment  

  • Death /Murder (Detailed-on page.)

  • Cannibalism (Deatiled on page)

  • Infertility (Mentioned of others)

  • Self-harm

  • Depression

  • Domestic Violence (Ml Bites and punishes FL)

  •  Alcoholism (Fl)

  • Pregnancy (FL)

  • Gun violence

  • Terminal illness

  • Anal Sex 

  • Everyone loves everyone 

  • Drugs 

  • Attempted Suicide 

  • Smoking (ML smokes)

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loving sea devils ebook.jpg

Loving Sea Devils (Water Brides 3)

Release Date: Summer 2025

The richest family in the Westlands is experimenting with powerful creatures born from the water and their current trial is with none other than a Sea Devil, a dangerous nocturnal species similar to that of a siren, who they held captive for many years. 

When Emery marries into the well known family she uncovers these monstrosities and is forced to go along with their plans. Her brother in law sends her out on a mission to observe the effects of a certain drug while at sea and not only that but she has to have the Sea Devil by her side and on the boat. 


With nothing but time on her hands she finds herself drawing closer to the test subject, not realizing the dangers of his teeth, claws, and horns. He too feels the same, curious about the human female, allured by her scent- food but something more. 


Tension spirals out of control, hands unable to keep to themselves and when the Sea Devils pack comes looking for him, they attack during a storm causing the boat to become shipwrecked on a black sanded Island.


Now the once noblewoman is stuck and she has not one Sea Devil hot on her trail, but two more. While one is curious the others have different emotions regarding her, they’re all but furious, disliking her kind. Will the trio end up accepting her or will they fight over her?


Characters From the world of 

Water Brides

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