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Monsters Among Men

A historical with a dash of fantasy series inspired by the Viking ages and Norse Mythology. Read about sexy shifters/monsters, steamy adventures, brutal battles/wars, berserkers, Gods, Valhalla and beyond. 


Wolves Among Danes (Book 1)

A young princess is forcefully taken from her home by wild and savage Vikings, but this group of Vikings are indeed the beasts townspeople have described them to be.

They might be raiding kingdoms for their riches, but more accurately, they are looking for a good hunt to satisfy their raging bloodlust come the full moon.

Along the way, young Ellie finds herself in a bind. A powerful and scary man of whom she has previously stabbed on the fateful day of her kidnapping, declares her to be his future wife for reasons she does not know.

Is this perhaps his revenge or something else…?


  • Enemies To Lovers​

  • Virgin Fl

  • Language Barrier 

  • Captive/Captor 

  • Marriage Pact

  • Age Gap 

  • Strong FL

  • Slow Burn

  • Found Family 

  • Fated Mates

  • Medieval-Adjacent Settling

  • Epic Storylines With Lots of Characters

  • The Training Sequence

  • Combining Real and Fictional Events

  • War

  • Absent Parents 

  • Childhood Memories

Content warnings

  • ​Excplicit Sexual Content

  • Paganism & strong religious themes

  • Violence, blood, gore, dismemberment  

  • Age gap 

  • Animal Death

  • Live Sacrifices 

  • Hunting 

  • Attempted Rape 

  • Death 

  • Drugs/alcohol 

  • Slavery 

  • Medical Treatment 

  • Child Kidnapping 

  • ML sleeps with someone else before being in a relationship with FL


Vampires Among Saxons (Book 2)

After Ellie has finally accepted Frey and his village, life starts to go well for the new couple. However, enemies begin to gather from all around them, threatening her very existence and her loved ones. They wish to destroy the life she has built among the Norse. 

England, her place of origin, plots war with the Viking village and a man she has forgotten but once betrothed to will stop at nothing to get her back.  

In the very place she calls home, dead men walk again thanks to the mischievous god Loki, whose side is he on or any at all? Meanwhile, other villages begin to close in on them due to broken deals and promises.  

Will the two ever overcome their problems and unfought wars, or will this tear them apart?

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Characters From the world of 

Monsters Among Men

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