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Dark Taste Characters



Species: Human

Journee has always lived with her grandfather after her parents were murdered when she was a baby. So when her grandfather falls ill and is unable to sell his wares in different villages she takes over for him. 

Misfortune falls upon her during her travels and she eventually gets involved with the creatures of the dark called Night Dwellers, but there is one in particular that doesn't just want to eat her and that is Jumoke, a Troll. 

She is known to be a foodie and quite hot headed once she gets to know you and unknowingly can be quite funny, especially to Jumoke. She is also quite strong, though she doesn't like to admit it.



Species: Troll

Jumoke is one of the most powerful warriors in the Snowfire Tribe. To outsiders he is known to be very cold and standoffish but with people he likes he is known to have a dark sense of humor and can talk a lot. He is also very touchy and one of his biggest flaws is that he is a liar. 

Previously he has lost vision in his right eye during the battle between Snowfire and Darkmoon. He also always been infatuated with humans ever since his ex-love, Emma. 



Species: Troll

Gotz is one of the twin chiefs of the Vonkill tribe. Being the younger twin he is is known to be more playful, brash, and all fight. He is one of the best fighters however even over Encry. He mostly wears his hair up and rarely down as not to get confused with his twin, habit from when they were young.

He is also one inch taller than Encry which makes him proud.



Species: Witch

Born to two witches who followed the rules of a coven without ever leading astray (even abandoning her for it), Deja wanted to be a rule breaker. She is a flashy/fashionable witch, who has always desired freedom and her own wealth, even going as so far as to leave her coven once joining which is taboo- not many breaking deals with daemons. 

In her spare time she is either found making potions, shopping in one of many human marketplaces or cities, or exploring places she shouldn't be (typically finding trouble in order to make said potions). 

She is very flirty and has always unnaturally been drawn to watching trolls and having a soft spot for them although she doesn't know why.  Secretly she is not fond of blood and can get queasy if exposed to too much of it which is a rarity for a witch.  



Species: Troll


Yula is the current cheiftess of the Snowfire Tribe and wife to Chief Yavoky. She hails from the Darkmoon Tribe which are known for their small builds compared to other trolls and detailed markings.  They can also see very well in the dark, most of them having white eyes.  

She is very quiet and reserved, rarely does she speak up unless spoken to first. She is good friends with Journee and interested in human lives.  She is also very skilled with her hands and good at tracking/hunting. 



Species: Troll 

Yavoky is one of the sons of the previous chieftain Yucaw. He is very protective of his tribe to which he considers his family after losing his entire family to hunters as a young man. He holds a heavy responsibility for looking out for everyone and making the rights decisions.  

Secretly he has a soft spot but isn't able to express himself properly to the people he likes.  



Species: Helak 

Jilaiya is a purebred Helak and also the Den Queen's only child. Since he wasn't born a female, a daughter, he is unwanted by those in the clan- unable to reign as Queen if she were to ever fall ill or pass away.   




Species: Daemon

Gula is the demon king of gluttony and known to love all food- cooked, raw, bitter, sweet, salty and maybe even a little human? His blood runs hot and can easily burst to flames if overrun with emotions but for most of the time he controls himself well. 

He has a coven of all female witches who worship him and he protects them in return and shares his magic with them. He seems to favorite women with soft builds and kind personalities- curious of those who don't dive into multiple sins.

Rumor says that one mouth was never enough to feed the over gluttonous devil and that he even has a mouth inside of his stomach that he saves for the best of meals although no one has seen this- but whats with those odd stitching by his belly? 

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