Dark Taste Characters



Species: Human

Journee has always lived with her grandfather after her parents were murdered when she was a baby. So when her grandfather falls ill and is unable to sell his wares in different villages she takes over for him. Misfortune falls upon her during her travels and she eventually gets involved with the creatures of the dark called Night Dwellers, but there is one in particular that doesn't just want to eat her and that is Jumoke, a Troll. 


She is known to be a foodie and quite hot headed once she gets to know you and unknowingly can be quite funny, especially to Jumoke. 



Species: Troll

Jumoke is one of the main powerful warriors in the Snowfire Tribe. To outsiders he is known to be very cold and standoffish but with people he likes he is known to have a dark sense of humor and can talk a lot. He is also very touchy and one of his biggest flaws is that he is a liar.  

Previously he had lost vision in his right eye during the battle between Snowfire and Darkmoon. He also always been infatuated with humans since his run in with his ex-love, Emma.