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Scared and alone after dark she runs straight into the arms of a hungry troll with an appetite for human.

Journee is a young woman from a small village and unexpectedly she finds herself outside past curfew. Frightened and scared she knows time is against her. The sun won't be back for another twenty four hours and it is already dusk.


Though the dark isn't what scares her the most, it is what comes with it. Trolls and other beastly creatures called Night Dwellers, people of the night.


They are just beginning to wake up and they are hungry. It has been a long while since they had a human female like her, plump and soft.


She attempts to escape their claws and teeth but she ends up prey for a Troll from the Snowfire Tribe and it is his people who murdered her parents long ago.


Will she be eaten, killed, or spared by the mysterious and bad-tempered Troll? If he spares her, what else does he want from her? A creature like him can't possibly have feelings? Can he?

A Troll's Hunger (Dark Taste 1)

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