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A daughter of a pirate swooned by the promises of new land by a mysterious outlaw in a hat. It shouldn't be a surprise when a siren boards the ship desiring her as his bride. 

Escaping a land ruled by royalty and terrorized by monsters in the West, Star, the first female captain of her lineage, sets sail with others in the hopes of finding new lands.


Along the way, there are complications other than the lack of drinking water, there are creatures in the water. Ones with the bottom of a fish and the top half of a human. Somehow they’re beautiful despite their teeth, power, and blood lust.


Unbeknownst to Star, two of these beings better known as Sirens have an obsessive attachment towards her. What could they possibly want with her- the crude mouthed captain? And what does being their bride entail?

The Ocean's Star (Water Brides 2)

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