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She is sacrificed to a Siren as a bride and her village is all but strange calling him a God. Yet do all Gods have beautiful voices to lull you to sleep and have teeth so sharp to cut through flesh? 

Young women of the island of Gimgar have one wish, they long to be the next bride of the sea, an age-old tradition of the village dating back to the first settling. The chosen is to wed a god, a siren.


Being selected is an honor to oneself and family, and when the elders choose Mayme, she is elated she will live amongst the gods by the end of autumn. Mayme couldn’t be luckier, Como her husband to be is beautiful and benevolent, or so he seems.


Grand celebration, festivities… and death follows. Mayme has 91 days before she departs to live her life with Como, days spent courting become dangerous.

Dark secrets are revealed, and the marriage proves perhaps false. Can love be born based on the pretense of lies?

The Siren's Mistress (Water Brides 1)

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