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Blind and alone in wintered lands she never expected to find warmth from the menacing enemy- the Fire Dragon King. Now she is his Queen. 

Born in a world of darkness and locked in a tower because of a curse, Vrai yearns to be set free and experience the world and meet new people. Only her wishes come true but not in a way she would have ever envisioned.

She is set free from the tower to discover more betrayal from her own flesh and blood, her father. He has offered her and her sisters to the terrible and cruel Fire Dragon, Orval, King of Oria, which borders their own kingdom, Yulor, home to Ice Mages. 

Since the beginning of history before kingdoms have been named and borders had been drawn, Dragons have been an enemy to her people, so it is the hope of her father she or her sisters can appease the Dragon King, ending the war.

However, little does she know the Dragon King would be choosing her to be his Queen. Can love be found in a clash of fire and ice?

Visions of Dragons (Taming Beasts 1)

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